JULY 2009 (PT. 2)

The middle of the month arrived. The 15th July we did the Bronx edition of 'La Rara'. My team and I were surprised with the positive answer of the public to the theme of the party. Absolutely, we made the Razzmatazz's Pop Bar become an old-school jam session of Brooklyn in the 90s. There were moments I looked at Mr.K a bit scared, like 'look what we did, dude!!!'. Amazing.
One of the things I'm most proud about, in the last year.

Lovely D'Noe... I couldn't imagine it would be so easy to work with that girl. And so funny to party with her! We're waiting impatients for her next visit. And you have to pick her if you want a REAL PARTY... Like you just don't caaaaaare!

MTV Base was in the air...

Rigo of Meneo ended naked, as usual!

Check my sister. She was J Lo!!!

You seen Matt & Borja? Cutie hip hop faggots, papi.

Can't hold them down.

Da guuuuurl!!!

Da crew!!!

When our bodies weren't able for more, we had to play dj in the last 'Aloshuevostuyos' party. Something more?

Yogurinha... great as usual.

La Rara djs and vj on Isaacymanu t-shirts.

My friend and rising star Graham Newey.

Tired of the parties and the city, we spent a few days in the beach of Torredembarra, making barbecues and being eaten by all kinda insects.

Oh, and I became an homopunk. Can you handle that?

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Blackmademoiselle dijo...

Que grande.

Ester Guntín dijo...

que guapos tots


.alecmohr dijo...

i <3 u & what u do

tony dijo...

ya, con quien anda liado Graham Newey superstar, alguien digame