JULY 2009 (PT. 1)

Last month was a bit hard and long for me. I was playing dj lots of nights (here and outta BCN), I was travelling and organizing parties... but I enjoyed a lot, specially makin' other people enjoy (only La Rara knows it xD).
I'm gonna try explain y'all my month via pictures, ok?

A falf of Microdisco and I went to Alicante to play in the re-opening of Mint Bar (of the 4-ambient disco MintClubs). We were travelling by train on first class, so we arrived there drunk. The party just followed.

I had to play in another party next weekend, so I stayed in Alicante for a long and funny week. We drank Martini at the pool and I ate paninis with a fake moustache.

The Saturday 11th, Vins & co. opened FLEA MRKT with some t-shirts designed by Krizia Robustella, David Gómez, Elena Gallén, Roberto Piqueras and Rubén Gómez Radioboy.

The party was the same night @ Mint Bar, with some of the tee's designers playing dj and painting lamps wth crazy stuff. I was taking photos and playing too.

I arrived to my city and I had a lot of things to do for the week was coming (La Rara, Santa Bárbara...), so I had to drink Jagermeister to keep in calm. I did it in La [2] Apolo, with The Night Bloomers.

Madonna arived to the city and I gave a great party for all the trashy faggots that went to see her. Some friends of mine were playing dj at Santa Bárbara, and two beautiful girls became The Sabrinas and offered a sexy show dancing in the stage. Too great!
TNB were there, too.

And lucky me, I had my Mickey helping me that week. I ate rat eeeeevery night :D

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